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Shower in our Ford Transit van
Dumawall tiles in our camper shower


We made our shower using 18mm poplar plywood boards. The niche was also made of 18mm poplar plywood and directly glued and screwed to the back board of the shower. The different pieces of poplar board were cut to fit perfectly in the van, so the assembly had to be done in the van itself. We premilled the boards where the anchor corners would come. Than assemblying the boards using glue and the anchor corners. When set we sealed all the joints. After this a shower sealing kit from Knauf was used to prevent any water infiltration. To finish it off we used stone look tiles from Dumawall, lightweight, super easy to install and also waterproof in itself. These were just glued on our shower walls with silicone glue. Sealing the tile joints and corners and that's it.
Not to lose any height, we made our drainage connection to the grey water tank underneath the van. We marked out the exact spot of the shower drain and cut a hole slightly bigger to make the connection. When cutting a hole in the metal of your van, apply anti-rust primer.

The connections of the fittings for our shower faucet are made in the cabinet next to the shower to save more space.

We also integrated a Led strip in the shower niche.

Materials used:
Dumawall Tiles 962 Montpellier 3,90m2
Soudal FixAll Silicone glue
Soudal Silirub Transparant
Knauf Shower sealing kit
Poplar plywood 18mm
Waterproof Led strip
Hammerite anti-rust primer

Dumawall stone look tiles

Dumawall tiles in our shower

Assembling our van shower

Assembling the plywood boards

Fitting and connecting the shower faucet

Fitting and connecting the shower faucet

Shower/Toilet in our camper van

It also acts as our toilet room

Knauf shower sealing kit in our van shower

Knauf shower sealing our van shower

Glueing the first Dumawall tiles

Glueing the first Dumawall tiles