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Front Runner roof rack on our Ford Tranist van


Our roof rack

Our roof rack comes from Front Runner. We chose this one because it is super easy to install, you can just use the pre-existing mounting points, so no need for drilling. And you can adjust the slats to your own configuration. The front part of our roof rack just has a couple of slats holding our solar panels, at the rear end the slats are closer together, making it easier to stand on, or having a drink and enjoying the sunset. The middle part is left open for our MaxxFan Deluxe.

You can accesorise your roof rack to the extreme. We also have a lot more on our wish list :)

Materials used
Front Runner Ford Transit van Slimline II roof rack kit
Sikaflex 221 Black silicone

Solar panels on our Front Runner roof rack
Surf board on a Front runner Roofrack