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Pulling out the Queen

Pull-out bed in our Ford Transit van
Queen bed in our camper van


Our pull-out bed is made of 2 seperate bed frames which can slide in entirely. It consists of one fixed bed frame, and a second one which can slide in or out making it a full queen bed. The bed frame is constructed out of 18mm poplar multiplex wood for the slats, and 48x48mm wooden beams. The sliding bed frame is supported by a 28x48mm wooden beam underneath the fixed bed frame, and by the top part of the benches. To finish it off a 8mm poplar multiplex front panel is installed, with a cut out for easy access.

For the matresses we bought 2 ikea foam matresses which we cut to fit our bed frame. And then resew the matress covers with zip to fit the new size and form.

Materials used:
18mm poplar multiplex wood
8mm poplar multiplex wood
48x48mm wooden beams
28x48mm wooden beams
2 Ikea 12cm foam matresses

Buidling our van bed frame

Bed frame slats of the first 'fixed' bed frame

Van build bed frame

Support beam for the sliding bed frame

Pull out bed in our transit van

The top part of the benches used as support for the sliding bed frame

Building our pull out bed

Bed frame slats of the sliding bed frame

Van build pull out bed

Support beam for the sliding bed frame (battery side)

Pull out queen bed in camper van

Bed frame fully slid in