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Fan in.. Fan out..

Maxx Fan Deluxe smoke on our Ford Transit van

MaxxFan Deluxe


For ventilation we chose a MaxxFan Deluxe smoke edition. It runs on 12v and uses 2 - 4.2 ah depending on the setting of your fan.
It can ventilate fresh air in or out, and can be closed manually in case of a malfunction with your 12v system.
The installation was done by an outfitter together with the tainted windows.

Technical info:
10 fan settings
2 - 4.2 ah
Size for the cut 40 x 40 cm
Diameter 30 cm

Materials used
MaxxFan Deluxe smoke edition
Sikaflex 221 Black silicone

Maxx Fan Deluxe an dour Front Runner roof rack
Maxx Fan Deluxe in our Van interior