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Cooking with a view

Välbildad Induction cooktop in our camper van


For our cooktop we chose an induction cooktop, since we didn't want to use any gas in our van, and we didn't want to be bothered for finding different connection fittings (these can differ depending on the countries where you go). We chose a Välbildad cooktop from Ikea, which we have build in our cabinet. The induction cooktop runs on our Ective SI 20 Inverter. We gained more counter space by building a counter top which can be opened or closed. The counter top is built by glueing herring bone beech parquet on top of poplar plywood, which was then cut to size.

Technical info:
Induction zone front 16 cm - 1400w
Induction zone back 16 cm - 1400w
Size H 52 x W 29 x D 5,8 cm
Cutout size H 49 x W 27 cm

Materials used
Välbildad Induction cooktop - Ikea
Table top: Poplar plywood 8mm
Table top: Beech parquet 8mm
Cabinet: Poplar plywood 15mm
Wood glue

Välbildad induction cooktop in our camper van

Välbildad induction cooktop

Cutting out our herring bone table top

Fitting our beech parquet herring bone

Concealed induction cooktop

Beech parquet herring bone

Ventilation holes of our camper fridge

Cutting out our beech parquet herring bone