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Cooling your wine.. and other bare necessities

Isotherm Fridge in our cmaper van
Isotherm Fridge in our Ford Transit van


For our van fridge we chose an Isotherm Cruise Elegance 65. We opted for a little cabinet under our fridge so that it sits a little higher off the floor, which makes it easier to reach. Make sure to leave some openings in your closets for ventilation of the fridge, otherwise it will use more power. We made ventilation holes above our fridge, ventilation holes on the side to our seating benches, and left a big opening to other part of our closet (under the sink).

Technical info:
Adjustable settings
2 ah (average)
Size H 52,7 x W 44,8 x D 48 cm
Size 65 l (4 l fridge compartment)
12v Compressor fridge

Materials used
Isotherm Cruise Elegance 65

Ventilation holes of our van fridge

Ventilation holes and big vetntilation opening

Ventilation holes of our camper fridge

Ventilation holes to our seating benches